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“Smidsy Crash” in East Farmingdale, NY

A motorcycle rider was killed when an allegedly intoxicated driver attempted to make a left turn directly into his path.

39-year-old Tomasz Myszke, of Copiague NY, was traveling southbound on Wellwood Avenue when 49-year-old Edward Okon, of Melville NY, reportedly tried to turn onto Conklin Street in his Ford F-150. The two vehicles collided and Myszke was tragically killed.

Police later charged Okon with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and impounded both vehicles for safety checks while continuing the investigation into the fatal motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle Crash Causes

A large percentage of motorcycle crashes involve motorists making left turns and cutting off motorcyclists who they did not see on the roadway. Officials in Australia, the U.K., and some other countries call these wrecks “smidsy crashes,” for “sorry mate I didn’t see you.” Another acronym, TBFTL (for “turned but failed to look”), does not have quite the same panache.

Low visibility is a serious issue for motorcyclists, as 55 percent of motorists recalled at least one incident in which they only saw a motorcyclist at the very last minute when they changed lanes. Rather troublingly, only six percent of motorists say that they watch for motorcycle riders when they change lanes. To increase their visibility, many riders do things like wear bright-colored clothes or reflective vests, but there is very little scientific evidence that these measures are effective.

After low-visibility crashes, alcohol and speed are among the most common causes of motorcycle crashes. Even low levels of alcohol can impair judgement and motor skills, while excessive speed makes it difficult or impossible to quickly adjust to sudden changes in conditions. Altogether, researchers estimate that about 70 percent of vehicle-motorcycle crashes are the motorists’ fault.

Damages in motorcycle crash cases include compensation for economic damages (like lost wages) and noneconomic damages (like emotional distress). Punitive damages are also available, in some cases.


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Case Results

  • $3,300,000 - Motorcyclist Hit By Vehicle
  • $2,000,000 - Motorcyclist Hit By Vehicle
  • $1,100,000 - Motorcyclist Hit By Vehicle
  • $930,000 - Wrongful Death Accident
  • $821,000 - Motorcyclist Hit By Vehicle
  • $280,000 - Motorcyclist Hit By Vehicle

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