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Severe Motorcycle Crash on LIE in New York

After a collision with a police car that may have attempted an illegal U-Turn, a biker suffered a serious head injury.

The wreck occurred in Dix Hills on the Long Island Expressway in New York. Suffolk County police said that a police patrol vehicle was in a highway turnaround reserved for emergency vehicles when a biker rear-ended the patrol car. The force of the collision threw the rider off the bike and caused serious injuries.

The injured motorcyclist was later airlifted to a local hospital so that doctors could provide him with medical treatment. The police officer was also transported to an area hospital via ambulance and is expected to survive.

None of the names of the individuals involved in the motorcycle accident were released.

Traumatic Brain Injuries in NY Motorcycle Accidents

Liability in this particular motorcycle crash is far from certain because it appears that the police vehicle may not have been operating in emergency mode (sirens flashing and/or lights on). Moreover, the police patrol car may have even been parked when it was in the turnaround.

What is certain is that an estimated 1.7 million Americans sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) every year, with about 80 percent of these injury victims being treated in hospital emergency rooms. Symptoms of a TBI often include personality changes, trouble sleeping, persistent headaches, and other maladies. All of these health-related issues can make it difficult or impossible to function at school, home, work, or elsewhere.

TBIs are permanent because once a brain cell dies, it does not regenerate. However, the symptoms of a TBI are often manageable after aggressive medical treatment and physical therapy.

Some common TBI causes include:

  • Motorcycle Crashes: Even if the rider is wearing a helmet, the forehead and neck are completely unprotected in a collision.
  • Motor Vehicle Crashes: The second impact – when a victim’s head slams into a solid object – is the cause of many TBIs.
  • Falls: Children under 12 and adults over 65 are the most at-risk age groups for falls and for brain injuries suffered in these falls.
  • Assaults: Fights between co-workers, acquaintances, domestic partners, and strangers often result in traumatic brain injuries.

TBIs have lifelong consequences, so compensation for both economic damages, like medical bills, and noneconomic damages, like pain and suffering, is often significant.

Brain injuries are just one of the wounds that a motorcycle crash victim can incur in a serious motorcycle accident. For a free consultation with experienced personal injury attorneys in Manhattan, contact Proner & Proner. We have six office locations in the Tri-State Area.

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  • $1,100,000 - Motorcyclist Hit By Vehicle
  • $930,000 - Wrongful Death Accident
  • $821,000 - Motorcyclist Hit By Vehicle
  • $280,000 - Motorcyclist Hit By Vehicle

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