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How Do Motorcycle Crash Victims Pay for Their Own Medical Bills?

A motorcycle crash victim who was airlifted from the crash scene to the hospital later received a $47,000 bill from the transportation company.
Chris Curtis, of Galway NY, said that he “hit the floor” when he received a two-item bill from Air Methods that included $36,000 for the response and $11,000 for the mileage. Curtis added, “You think, how am I going to pay for this?”

Curtis was in a serious motorcycle crash in Upstate New York in June. He still walks with a cane after suffering multiple broken bones in the motorcycle accident. Although Curtis is grateful for the service he received from the emergency medical response team, he suggests that the State of New York should regulate these matters in order to keep the costs reasonable for accident victims.

In a statement, Air Methods said, “Our team of patient financial counselors is dedicated to partnering with every one of [our patients] as they navigate through the post-flight and critical care process.”

Medical Bills for Motorcycle Crashes in NYC

The average injury-related medical bill is $30,000; for serious injuries, like the ones often incurred in motorcycle crashes, the figure is much higher. Even if the motorcycle accident victim has medical insurance, many health insurance providers will not pay for injury-related costs. (This is primarily for liability reasons.)

In addition, many motorcycle crash victims are hurt so badly that they are unable to work for a very long time. The combination of high bills and lost income is often too much for families to overcome.

Faced with these circumstances, some families consider bankruptcy because this action wipes out medical bills, in most cases. However, bankruptcy is an extreme solution. A better idea would be to partner with a personal injury lawyer to handle the motorcycle accident case. In addition to advocating for the victim in court, an experienced personal injury attorney will send letters of protection to third-party providers, which guarantees that these providers will be reimbursed from the proceeds of a future lawsuit settlement or money judgment. So, in the meantime, victims can get the medical treatment and physical therapy they need to recover fully without having to worry about the cost.

As an added bonus, personal injury attorneys are also skilled negotiators. A lawyer can often convince a medical provider to accept less than the full amount, so the victim spends less on medical expenses and legally pockets more money from the settlement or judgment.


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